About Me

Hey there,

I’m Lauryn Halahurich. I’m a photographer,  playwright, and filmmaker located in a small city outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I currently work as a social media editor at a local family-owned newspaper and I freelance as a photographer on film sets and theater stages, one of my passions, as Those In Motion.

While I can tend towards being a workaholic and developing skills, I actively try and find a balance in my life. I find immense joy in the stillness of archery, the quiet of reading, and challenge of learning the violin.

My goal in life is to tell stories, in whatever form best suits them while living simply, thoughtfully, and with purpose.

While this site is meant to help showcase my work and personal projects, it’s also where I talk about the things in live that are important to me such as sustainable and simple living. If you are interested in simply following just my photography works, head over to Those in Motion.

Please excuse the mess that the site is in at the moment. I’m currently in the process of rebuilding it and finding it’s place for me as a tool in my life.