Role Models in Photography

Over the past few years I’ve slowly been discovering photographers that I really admire and want to not emulate exactly but to learn from and study.

Here is the list, some have descriptions as to why. Some don’t. This list will grow and shrink, but for right now these are the photographers that are truly inspiring my right now.

Gabrielle Motola

Gabrielle is a photographer that currently lives in the United Kingdom and photographs strangers on the street. Her personality along with her style really speaks to me as someone that enjoys photography people. She is actually one of the few people I support on Patreon.
Watch an interview with Gabrielle by another photographer I admire, Sean Tucker.



Sean Tucker

Rachael Talibart


Merie Wallace

Merie is one of my most recent finds. I’ve been searching for set photographers specifically to follow for the past two years and it has been slow going to find ones I connect to. Just this week of May 24, 2020, I stumbled across the below interview with Merie and I am so glad I did.

Amanda Matlovich

Amanda is a Canadian unit stills photographer that I stumbled upon during a Google search. She is also one of the few photographers I’ve reached out to personally for advice and she was extremely helpful, which I’m grateful for.




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