Unboxing of the Pakt Backpack

After waiting for about 4 months, the Pakt Backpack has finally arrived., a late birthday present to myself. I originally ordered the bag in March when Pakt launched the campaign on Indiegogo. The bag was supposed to arrive in August, but it came early. And if I’m being honest, I wanted a Pakt bag for years, but backpack are much more my style when I travel due to back problems. Their duffle bag looked amazing, but not useful for me when I had a bag that partially had the same set up as this backpack. 

The bag is eco-friendly, shipped in all cardboard through Seahive, and I the expectation I have is for this bag to be my travel bag for the foreseeable future. I’m hoping 20 years, if not longer.

Since I received it so early and on my day off no less, I decided to take the time to sit down and record an unboxing and first impressions review about the backpack.

It’s a well constructed bag, with a few quirks, such as how hard the fanny pack/hip belt is to get back into backpack. But over I’m excited and looking forward to using it.

This video and post are not sponsored, I just really want to talk about the product and share my thoughts on it.
Side note…I called Union State in Washington, D.C., Grand Central Station. Woops. I knew there was a Union Station in NYC and DC and my brain pulled the wrong name out of the hat, but I meant Union Station in the video.

Check out Pakt if you’re interested: https://paktbags.com

A much better review of the bag by Chase Reeves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgKQF…

And for those wondering, I’ve decided to keep my Eagle Creek Weekend bag. I’ll be using it was my bug out bag, should there be a fire or natural disaster or emergency it will be the bagged that is prepacked with emergency supplies and ready for me to run out the door to safety if needed.

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