Photojournalism is a little bit of a different animal from other types of photography, but it fits very well into my style of capture people in motion.

My full time job currently is as social media editor for the Butler Eagle, a family-owned community newspaper that covers Butler County, Pennsylvania. Along with handling the social media, I periodically serve as a photographer and reporter. The cameras I use to capture photos on this job varies form day to day. Some photos are shot with a Nikon 750D or 3200, some with a Canon 60D, others with an iPhone, or really whatever camera is available at the moment. Here are tearsheets of my photos used in print at this job.

Outside of the Eagle I also photographer theater, film sets, and events and sometimes those end up in other publications. Here are some tearsheets from my photo used in other publications both online and in print, including my college newspaper.

Online Publications:
Perth Now – The Eulogy